In the months of winter, your furnace provides you with continuous service to keep you warm. But with prolonged usage, the machine’s strength and functionality can get affected, restricting its ability to utilize its full potential. But a malfunctioning heater during winter is not at all tolerable. To protect yourself from such mishaps, opt for timely servicing, and keep your heater lively and working at all times.

For a difficult task like this, you should only hire a company with multiple years of industry experience, knowledge, and expertise. M&R Refrigeration not only fulfills all of these requirements but also puts a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction.




When winter sets in, the heater is your only resort to get warmth and comfort. That’s why you should utilize our excellent furnace repair and maintenance services to make sure that nothing comes in the way of your wellbeing.

At M&R Refrigeration, our services are all about swift, efficient and affordable services without compromising on the quality of work. Our skilled servicemen ensure that you get access to top-notch services at all times, be it a regular service call or an urgent need.

So if you have been tired of looking for a reliable heater servicing company near you, your search ends here. Reach out to us today, and experience world-class services right at your home!


Having a not fully functional heater can be real trouble, especially during the biting cold months. In most cases, a repair should be enough to fix the issues, but this may not be applicable for all models. For example, heaters that are very old, and have been giving you a hard time for a very long period, can hardly be repaired anymore. If this is your case, then the safest option would be to invest in a new furnace.

To make it more convenient for you, we have listed some of the major signs that you have to look out for before you finally decide to replace the old system:

  1. You have already invested a lot in repairing your machine
  2. You have been experiencing high energy bills
  3. The heater is making unnatural sounds
  4. It has stopped emitting hot air
  5. The indoor temperature is fluctuating

If you said yes to most of these symptoms, then it’s time for an upgrade. Pick a new furnace of your choice, and our team will assist you in all possible ways to install it correctly.

So now you know the solution to all of your heater-related problems! For all types of furnace installation, repair, and replacement, your best option is none other than M&R Refrigeration. Our team has all the resources required, as well as the expertise to excel at their job. So without any hesitation, get in touch with us, and make your heater up and running all over again!



Jess Gesundheit, says:

"I had received several quotes on a new AC unit and M&R beat all of them. They arrived on time, were friendly and honest. I won’t use anyone else. I’ve recommended them to a couple friends who agree they have the best pricing and service. I highly recommend M&R. "

Cheryl Stevens, says:

"Matthew went above and beyond to fix our AC tonight. Great service! Highly recommended! "

Cal L, says:

"Selecting a A/C professional can be a daunting task, so how does a homeowner select one that is knowledgeable and trustworthy. I started by reading reviews which helped but many professionals had very good reviews so i looked for qualifications and certifications. So long story short, i contacted M & R Refrigeration in Surprise Arizona. Matthew determined that the motor was bad on my heat pump and gave me the option of 2 different motors and he explained the difference between them in terms that i could understand. He then recommended the less expensive motor because i said i was going to replace the heat pump in 5 months because my current unit is 15 years old. And best of all, the total cost was very reasonable especially since he did the work on a weekend. Needless to say when i replace my heat pump i will call him first. "